Requests to reserve CoDHR’s Humanities Visualization Space (HVS) often necessitates additional time and effort by CoDHR staff to set up the room and equipment for the specific usage requested.  Please notify us in advance, preferably with at least 4 hours’ notice, when you need to cancel or reschedule your HVS reservation.

To cancel an HVS Reservation

  • for more than 12 hours until your scheduled reservation, email to cancel.
  • for less than 12 hours until your scheduled reservation, call 979-458-1552 to cancel.

If you are running late, call 979-458-1552. Reservations will be held for up to fifteen (15) minutes after the reservation start time before counting the reservation as a no-show.

CoDHR will charge a $50.00 fee for no-shows.

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