The Humanities Visualization Space is located in the Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building, Room 433. The HVS is located in the offices of the Center of Digital Humanities Research; contact us at

Location and Contact Information

Humanities Visualization Space
Center of Digital Humanities Research (CoDHR)
Texas A&M University
Physical Location: Room 433, Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building (LAAH)
Mailing Address: 4213 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-4213
Phone: 979-458-1552
Fax: 979-862-4334
Email: codhr[at]tamu[dot]edu
CoDHR website:

HVS Personnel
Bryan Tarpley
CoDHR Software Applications Developer III
434 LAAH
* HVS Orientation
* Technical Support
Nancy Sumpter
CoDHR Program Coordinator II
446 LAAH
* Requests and Scheduling
Laura Mandell
CoDHR Director
Daniel L. Schwartz
CoDHR Associate Director

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