The Humanities Visualization Space (HVS), located in the Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building (Room 433 LAAH), at Texas A&M University supports the liberal arts and humanities research community by providing visualization technologies in an immersive physical space.  Located in the offices of the Center of Digital Humanities Research (CoDHR), the HVS serves faculty, staff, and students conducting audio-visual research, artistic exhibitions and experiments, demonstrations for groups and courses, and presentations of interactive digital content.


Introduction to the Humanities Visualization Space

Acknowledgement and Recognition of Support

The Center of Digital Humanities Research recognizes and thanks the following donors and contributors for their support and continuing commitment in the creation and operation of the Humanities Visualization Space.

  • College of Liberal Arts
  • Tier-One Program (TOP) Grant: Integration of Multidisciplinary Research and Creative Activites into the Learning Experience
    • Patrick Burkart, Professor, Department of Communication
    • Stephen Caffey, Instructional Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture
    • Philip Galanter, Associate Professor, Department of Visualization
    • Laura Mandell, Professor, Department of English, Director, Center of Digital Humanities Research

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